Cat's Eye Ring

Published: 05th August 2010
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With its smoky color, thin streak of white line and iridescent properties, the chrysoberyl stone seems much like a sleek feline winking at you when natural light hits its beautiful surface. Because of this, it has become popularly known as the "cat's eye" gem. The word "chrysoberyl" is actually taken from the Greek word meaning "gold-colored beryl." In reality, though, this magnificent stone isn't from the beryl family, instead, it is an aluminum oxide stone containing beryllium.

The colors of cat's eye stones range from amber, much like the hue of a tiger's eye, to green. Gemologists consider it as a luxury stone, and the finer the quality of the chrysoberyl, the more expensive it is.

Ancient Egyptian legend has it that the cat's eye was once embedded in a pharaoh's ring. When the gem was opened, it meant that their god was angry and that only the sacrifice of a human's life could console him. In ancient China, it is believed that there once was a dragon lady of the Qing Dynasty who had great power because she relied on the magic and mystic qualities of a cat's eye stone, which she placed under her pillow each night so that she could dream of how to settle important decisions and matters. In Indian astrology, this gem is called Lehsunia or Vaiduria, and is said to represent that planet Ketu, which is believed to have karmic influences.

Many people during the ancient times used this gem to protect against disasters, while others associated the cat's eye stone with discipline, self-control and used this to aid them in learning and to be able to think more clearly. It is also said to possess the magical ability to turn negative thoughts into positive ones, thereby promoting tolerance and harmony.

Because of its luxurious golden tones and amber hues, among its other magical properties, the cat's eye stone can also promote wealth, abundance and richness. Set on jewelry, like a silver ring, the cat's eye stone can open up the wearer's heart and soul to receive the abundance and wealth that the universe is ready to offer. Ka gold jewelry offer one very impressive Cat's Eye ring ring at there website.

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