A Fascinating Look at Ancient Symbols of the World

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Published: 06th August 2012
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Symbols make up every aspect of our lives whether we realize it or not. All across the world, thousands of symbolic representations have been used throughout the ages. The website Ancient Symbols showcases an impressive collection of symbols, conveniently grouped into their respective categories to facilitate searching. Below is a brief summary of a few of the categories you will find on the site.

Symbols of Strength

We all experience “bad days”. Those are the times when nothing seems to be going according to plan. We are quite able to cope with our daily concerns when they don’t seem to be happening all at the same time. Sometimes, we may be having health problems and then we get into a quarrel with a loved one and then the car breaks down. Other times we have to struggle with deadlines at work, a sick child at home and dwindling family finances. We could all use some morale’ boost when things like these happen. Some people seek strength by praying. Others find the inspiration to stay strong from objects that they keep nearby just for such occasions. Such objects are powerful and effective reminders of when they overcame similar situations in the past, symbols of the inner strength they know they possess and must now summon.

Some of the most popular animal symbols of strength are the bear, the bull, the lion, the jaguar, the eagle and the boar. There are mythical creatures that also signify strength like the Griffin, with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. Some cultures like the Japanese and the Chinese have special characters that stand for strength.

Symbols of Friendship

Our friends are such special parts of our lives that we sometimes feel the need to immortalize our feelings choosing random objects that symbolize our loyalty and affection. We all have used countless symbols to represent the bond we have with our friends. As children, we make up secret societies, complete with secret codes and symbols that only our closest of friends are privy to. Growing up, we continue to honor our friendships with special gifts that to us embody all that we hold dear about the other person, like a locket, a ring, a rare plant….

Let us take a look at some of the most popular universal symbols of friendship no matter where you are in the world. Perhaps very easily, we can consider the friendship bracelet which originally came from Native Americans but have since been adopted by many other cultures. There’s also the Claddagh Symbol, comprised of two hands holding a heart with a crown on top. It represents friendship, love and loyalty. It is a popular emblem for organizations that promote brotherhood and friendship. The plant kingdom is rich with friendship symbolisms, too, like the yellow rose, the jade plant and the chrysanthemum which is popular in Japan.

Dream Symbols

Our dreams sometimes bring forth images that we do not comprehend, and for which we seek understanding. The interpretation of dreams is hardly an accurate science if it can ever be called one at all, yet over the years some of the more popular interpretations of our dreams have somehow become universally accepted. It is said that our dreams are manifestations of our deepest thoughts and desires. Others believe they are a foreboding of things to come. Still others maintain they are mere reflections of what is currently happening in our present life.

When teeth appear in a dream, some cultures believe it is a sign of greed, others believe it to be a sign of strength. Teeth falling off mean that a close relative might die. A snake in some Far Eastern cultures mean the number 8 and that money may be on the way. Money itself when appearing in a dream means prosperity. When we dream of an angel, it means something is about to be revealed to us, or we are looking for guidance.

Symbols of Luck

Good or bad, luck is something we regard as not anything we have control over. It is something that happens to us either by pure chance or as a blessing/a harsh reminder from a higher power, as dictated by our faith or the lack of it. Different societies have developed quite an extensive arsenal of symbols to invite only good fortune and to ward off the bad.

Good luck is often symbolized by a four leaf clover. If you find one, you are sure to receive good luck soon. A horseshoe is also considered lucky and is often hung over doors to protect homes and to bring good fortune. Rabbits are considered lucky animals, often associated with the return of life after the harsh winter. For this reason, a rabbit’s foot has come to signify the same luck associated with the animal itself. The acorn is also a symbol of luck, prosperity and power. Norse people believed that acorns protect homes from lightning. Bad luck on the other hand is symbolized most popularly perhaps by a black cat, or a mirror breaking which means 7 years of bad luck.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Ancient Symbols. Visit their website and learn a thing or two about societies old and new through their use of symbolisms.

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